Top-notch pattern makers with over 30 years of experience conceptualize the patterns through the use of drawings and sketches which designers provide. We maintain an open communication with designers to transform the original designs they envision into the actual patterns. We develop and create patterns for a variety of clothing including women’s and men’s wear. We also provide transformation of a draped prototype provided by designers to flat patterns with required accuracy.


    We provide dedicated fittings and issue necessary adjustments or corrections with a professional model in our wide open fitting room.
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    Apparel production is a complex process involving a supply chain which must respond rapidly to the changing needs and taste of consumers. We provide consultation to discuss the important process of technological improvements which accelerate the speed, flexibility, and productivity of the industry.
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Your success is our business. We guarantee you to meet the couture-level of quality on time with 100% satisfaction.

We provide consulting for all aspect of production process and provide thoughts and recommendation from out years of experience.

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